Mangangá is a Brazilian musical group formed in 2017. The band starts in the interior of São Paulo, its purpose is to enhance the Afro-Latin culture, especially the Brazilian culture. Mangangá comes from the idea of ​​collective, from those who work to preserve nature and its creative energy. It is the sound that pulsates on the wings of freedom..

In 2017 college friends Vinícius Rocam (composer and vocalist), Lucas Rosseto (bass and harmonica) and Phabulo Pereira (strings and escaleta) teamed up to form the group of author music, percussionist Douglas Kuman (Koteban) was invited to participate and bring his baggage of popular culture, since he has worked with Vinícius Rocha in Grupo Araúna for over 7 years. The group was improved and each month they worked a new song, which already result in 12, with several national rhythms and other influences. During this period, other members appeared to add forces, ideas and good energies, Pedro Américo (saxophone and transverse flute), Renê Rojas (keyboards) and Diogo Fidelis (drums). The group has already made several presentations in the region, such as the Festival of Thing (Bar do Haules - Jundiaí), Bar QG Umiltà - Campo Limpo Paulista, Casa Amarela - Jundiaí, Reception of Courses (UNIFaccamp - Campo Limpo Paulista), Carnival - Bloco da Casa Velha of Franco da Rocha, Encontro Afro - Clube 28 de Setembro- Jundiaí and Festival Oxandolá - Associação Conpoema.

The mix of rhythms, poetry, acoustic and electronic instruments, provide a unique dance rhythm. In the songs, the band seeks to emphasize the importance of Brazilian culture, accepting its transformation and, above all, respecting the tradition ...